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Introducing Joyride’s newest automated feature: Operation Hours

Any entrepreneur would agree that timing is everything. So what if you were given more of it? Joyride’s newest automated feature is designed to give our shared mobility operators more flexibility and freedom to set their own operational hours for their fleets under pre-set times. 

Accessible through Joyride’s backend dashboard, the Operation Hours automated feature lets you toggle your service flags on and off through your own pre-established schedule automatically. Our tool enables you to set customized hours of operation for each of your fleets, rather than being bound to one time frame across your various businesses. 

For example, if you operate a fleet of shared scooters in the UK and would like to make your vehicles unavailable from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, but your e-bike fleet in Germany is running at different hours, you can now distinguish between the two and have control over each standalone fleet—and it’s all conducted from one single dashboard. 

This is especially useful for franchise owners who have fleet managers all with entirely different operating schedules. Also think of B2B shared mobility companies serving campuses, hotels and corporate complexes who require custom schedules. The freedom is yours to set multiple time settings in a given day, so switch it up or stick to one schedule. The choice is in your hands. 

By default, every day of the week will be operational for 24 hours until you edit the start time and end time according to yours, the cities’ or your customers’ preferences. You can set up two time ranges in the same day by clicking on our “+ Add Hours” tab. It’s worth noting that vehicles will automatically become unavailable outside of your operational hours, so fleet managers can send a customized message directly from the dashboard that will pop up in your rider app when a user tries to scan a vehicle outside of those hours.

Timed with your growth

Why is this feature a key part of your growth strategy? For starters, operators can get pretty tired of waking up at off-scheduled hours to turn their operations on and off. Imagine running several fleets with varying schedules, and having to manually perform this function. Secondly, Operation Hours is part of our full suite of automated tools designed to make your business run as efficiently, and compliantly, as possible so you can focus on business development and expansion. 

How to get started

Operation Hours is offered through Joyride’s backend dashboard and is a tool automatically available to all of our customers. Find out more about how to get started—and what other software features are currently available on our platform—by contacting Joyride’s sales team today

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