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Joyride Hardware Brochure: 2022 Micromobility Guide

In this brochure, you’ll find a roundup of our frequently recommended manufacturers and vehicle models for e-scooters, e-bikes, mopeds, smart bike locks and charging stations, all of which integrate with Joyride's software platform.

Case Study: How Joyride Enabled Zipp Mobility to Grow 20x in Four Months

Learn how the Joyride platform allowed UK electric scooter operator Zipp Mobility to swiftly launch and expand to new markets ahead of its competitors.

Handbook: How to Start Your Scooter-Sharing Business

Capturing a piece of the multi-billion-dollar scooter-sharing market is within reach for any entrepreneur with the right resources and guidance in place. This eBook is for prospective operators who are thinking of launching their own fleet.

Webinar: How Local Micromobility Players are Outmaneuvering the Big Guys

The micromobility industry is shifting, and so is the balance of power. In this webinar hosted with Micromobility Industries, we discuss how startups can prosper in an industry of giants.

Video: Take Your Fleet from Idea to Launch

Scooter-sharing is transforming the way cities and businesses move, and the metrics show why this market has longevity. In this video, see what's involved in bringing your mobility business idea to life.

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